Notice of GRT strike action starting Tuesday Jan. 21 at 5am.
No GRT buses are running.
More details here
ION light rail service is still running but shuttle buses will be unavailable if there is an LRT service disruption.

Update Jan. 22 - The Region and Unifor 4304 met and were unable to reach an agreement. The strike continues

Grand River Transit

Monday, January 27, 2020
05:34:03 EST
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University Of Waterloo Station (1123)
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19: B-Northfield Station: 10 min
19: A-St. Jacobs Market: 25 min
19: B-Northfield Station: 40 min

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05:4419 B-Northfield Station
05:5919 A-St. Jacobs Market
06:1419 B-Northfield Station
06:2919 A-St. Jacobs Market
06:3113 The Boardwalk Station
06:4419 B-Northfield Station
06:4613 The Boardwalk Station
06:5919 A-St. Jacobs Market
07:0113 The Boardwalk Station
07:1519 B-Northfield Station
07:1713 The Boardwalk Station
07:3219 A-St. Jacobs Market
07:3413 The Boardwalk Station

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