55  Grand Ridge to Cedar/Grand Ridge via Glenmorris

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Effective: December 16, 2023 - December 23, 2023

Stops along this trip:

  Time Stop Number Stop Name
123:451520Ainslie Terminal
223:461523Ainslie / Walnut
323:471938Grand / Cedar
423:472127Crombie / Grand
523:482128Middleton / Francis
623:492129First / Caen
723:492321Glenmorris / Second
823:492322Glenmorris / Third
923:502323West River / Culham
1023:512324Grand Ridge / West River
1123:532325Grand Ridge / Inverness
1223:532326Grand Ridge / Stirling Macgregor
1323:542374Grand Ridge / St Andrews
1423:542375Grand Ridge / Byton
1523:552376Grand Ridge / Wedgewood
1623:552377Grand Ridge / White Oak
1723:562378Grand Ridge / Cedar

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