76  Doon Mills to Pioneer Park Plaza

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Effective: April 13, 2023 - April 21, 2023

Stops along this trip:

  Time Stop Number Stop Name
117:451342Conestoga College Doon Campus - Door 6
217:472308Conestoga College Blvd. / Homer Watson
317:503959Doon South / Windrush
417:513958Doon South / Winding Wood
517:513957Doon South / Forest Edge
617:523953Doon Mills / Woodsmere
717:533956Doon Mills / Pine Valley
817:543955Doon Mills / Apple Ridge
917:553954Doon Village / Anvil
1017:561823Bechtel / Doon Village
1117:571745Pioneer / Bechtel
1217:571824Pioneer / Pioneer Park Plaza
1317:582052Homer Watson / Pioneer
1418:001828Old Carriage / Homer Watson
1518:001829100 Old Carriage Dr.
1618:011830Old Carriage / Pioneer Park Plaza

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