51  Hespeler to Ainslie Terminal

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Effective: September 07, 2021 - December 17, 2021

Stops along this trip:

  Time Stop Number Stop Name
117:331307Guelph / Fisher Mills
217:331308Guelph / Sheffield
317:341250Queen / Guelph
417:351251Queen / Harvey
517:361252Queen / Winston
617:371274Queen / Rooshill
717:381253Queen / Shepherd
817:401278Groh / Holiday Inn Dr.
917:491456Smartcentres Cambridge - North
1017:505070Cambridge Pinebush Vaccination Clinic
1117:511457Smartcentres Cambridge - South
1217:536023Pinebush Station
1317:541459588 Hespeler Rd.
1417:541486580 Hespeler Rd.
1517:541426Hespeler Rd. / Langs
1617:551427480 Hespeler Rd.
1717:566020Cambridge Centre Station
1818:004158Hespeler Rd. / Dunbar
1918:016021Can-Amera Station
2018:023539Hespeler Rd. / Isherwood
2118:021460160 Hespeler Rd.
2218:031461Hespeler Rd. / Wilmot
2318:031462Hespeler Rd. / Jaffray
2418:055050Delta Station (Temporary Stop)
2518:051464Water / Galt Collegiate Institute
2618:071465Ainslie / Simcoe
2718:071466Ainslie / Park Hill
2818:081467Ainslie / Dickson
2918:091511Ainslie Terminal

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