22  Laurentian West to Block Line Station

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Effective: September 07, 2021 - December 17, 2021

Stops along this trip:

  Time Stop Number Stop Name
118:301672Sunrise Centre Station
218:311676International / Wake Robin
318:312991Ottawa / Path To Wake Robin
418:322992David Bergey / Ottawa
518:332993David Bergey / Peach Blossom
618:342994David Bergey / Activa
718:352995Activa / Isaiah
818:352996Activa / Snowdrop
918:362997Activa / Reistview
1018:362998Activa / Periwinkle
1118:372999Activa / Sweet William
1218:373000Max Becker / Copper Leaf
1318:383001Max Becker / Commonwealth
1418:393002Max Becker / Fischer-Hallman
1518:392065Westmount / Fischer-Hallman
1618:403005Tillsley / Westmount
1718:412328Erinbrook / Rittenhouse
1818:422329Rittenhouse / Path To Erinbrook Park
1918:432330Rittenhouse / Erinbrook
2018:442331Rittenhouse / Goundry
2118:442332Rittenhouse / Brookfield
2218:453016Rittenhouse / Block Line
2318:462884Strasburg / Block Line
2418:461548Strasburg / Forest Glen Plaza
2518:473037Old Country / Strasburg
2618:483038Old Country / Century Hill
2718:481662Old Country / Country Hill
2818:493043Country Hill / Cedarhill
2918:493044Country Hill / Block Line
3018:501028Block Line / Kingswood
3118:512024Block Line / Fallowfield
3218:522025Block Line / St Marys High School
3318:531669Lennox Lewis / Activa Sportsplex
3418:541670Lennox Lewis / The Family Centre
3518:561463Block Line Station

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